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They grow UP so fast…..

A close friend’s young child took her first steps the other day and the proud mumma posted video of the exciting event on social media. The little darling is nearly 15 months now and has only just started to grow out of her “baby” phase. Mum was super excited as any mum should be and I too delighted in the news. It did however make me think back to when my two boys took their first steps…..

I don’t recall the first time they each decided to go from crawling to walking. I do remember that my eldest started at just 11 months of age and loved to get into places and hiding spots he couldn’t reach before. I do remember being excited like my friend, but also a little sad too. I remember feeling a sense of loss that my “baby” was growing UP too fast. He spent a large amount of time with his 5 month-older cousin and had to keep UP or miss out I guess. My 2nd born began walking at only 10 MONTHS old and I was really quite devastated as well as excited at the same time. I’d had a bit of trouble staying pregnant before he was born, so for him to then go and grow UP sooo fast was something I wasn’t prepared for!! I adored being a mum the second time around and being 7 years older and wiser than with the first, I relished the time I spent keeping our family happy and healthy. Son number 2 slept right through the night from 2 months on and hated sleeping in bed with mum and dad, therefore keeping us from getting into bad habits with him. This was one part of growing UP fast, I didn’t mind at all πŸ˜‰ He continued to blossom and soon outgrew sipper cups and having afternoon naps.

Fast forward a few years and he has continued to be quite independent and determined to do things his own way.

The close friend and I took her bub and my youngest to an indoor play centre a few months ago. My son took the little darling into the toddlers area to play and helped her down the slide and played in the ball pit beside her. After bub was worn out, number 2 son went off to play in the big kids area. My friend was amazed as that was the first time she had really seen him be a “kid”. I was surprised at her reaction but then I’m used to number 2 son being so independent I didn’t really think about it. He always has been mature for his age, taking after his mother of course!! But I do miss the days when I could pick him up and fly him through the air like Superman or entertain him for hours with his building blocks and car garage. I miss the days before every 10 year old had an iPod, a handheld console and their own laptop….. I miss sweet, innocent cuddles and kisses that covered my face in slobber….. I miss bathtime routines, bedtime stories and laughing when my children blew bubbles or made funny noises….. Well, maybe I miss all of that? Maybe I only miss the good parts, the fun parts, the first steps, the giggles and the play? It isn’t really lost to me just yet, it just comes in different ways….. But they still do grow UP way too fast these days…..

β€œDon’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” ― Dr. Seuss

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